If you wish to make a reservation, or to take information about our camping, please inform us about the number of the persons that will come, if there will be a car, caravan, camper, tent, etc. Also please inform us if you wish an electricity supply during your staying.
    Of course you need to refer us the period that you want to visit the camping and the number of the days that you are going to stay.



  1. Send to us the information above.

  2. Wait for an answer from us whether there is a free place for you, for the period that you are interesting in, or not.

  3. You will have to send us the amount of the deposit that is possible to be asked. Minimum deposit in the amount of 1 overnight stay

  4. When we receive the deposit, we will send you a letter, or an e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation and some other information. 

  5. Remark: The customer will be loaded with all the expenses for sending  the money.


    a) For cancellation until one (1) month before the date of the arrival, we will refund you the whole amount of the deposit, except of the charge of the money sending or transmission.
    b) For cancellation less than one (1) month before the date of the arrival, we will not refund the deposit.

    Remark: The customer will be loaded with the expenses for sending back the money.


   A change for the date of the arrival can be accepted by us provided that there will be a free place for the new date.